About Us

Experience. Quality. Reliability!

RentaMac Ltd. has been in the business of exclusively hiring Apple computers since 2004. Our background in Apple goes all the way back to the first Macintosh in 1984. We still have a beige 1987 Mac Plus and a bright blueberry iMac from 1999 to remind us where we’ve come from.

At RentaMac we only rent Macs (and iPads). We don’t do Windows (although you can load Windows on any of our Macs with Boot Camp).

We have over 30 years of experience in the computer industry working with creative professionals in graphics, design, video, music and photography. Our clients range from corporates, banks and advertising companies to sole artists and writers. We serve TV & film companies, event managers, museums, galleries, theatres, educators, photographers and designers.

RentaMac prides itself in meeting our customers’ needs and delivering to their door on time. Through our experience we are also able to recommend solutions to best suit our client’s requirements.

RentaMac Ltd. started in Auckland, but a lifestyle decision led to our move to South Taranaki 12 years ago. We provide a nationwide service with next day morning delivery which is little different to our competitors based in the big cities. Our quoted freight price includes both delivery and collection at the end of the hire – so our service is door to door.

Since we don’t have big city overheads, we are able to keep our rental rates low. So low that we are the only computer rental company that is not afraid to list our prices on our web site.

We also include GST in all of our pricing, so there are no surprises on the invoice. We believe the price we quote should be the actual price you pay.

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