Why Rent a Mac?

RentaMac™™ specialises in Apple Mac computer rentals for short to medium terms.

We find the reasons our customers come to us are many...

  • They have a desktop Mac but need a portable machine for a trip. We have no problem with our laptops going overseas.
  • They have a laptop but need a desktop or trashcan machine with more grunt to complete a project.
  • A company may have a special project or a peak in their workflow. They need to hire temporary staff or contractors and they need to hire Macs for them to work with.
  • A creative professional’s Mac has just gone into the repair shop and they can’t stop working. RentaMac™™ is there to save the day!
  • A school or local body has a special video project on for the holidays. RentaMac™™ can provide the number of machines required.
  • A film company is bringing in an overseas expert in animation. RentaMac™™ provides the MacPro Trashcan, extra RAM and pair of wide screens to for them to do the job.
  • A company wishes to evaluate whether iPads are going to be the tool they are looking for. With RentaMac™™ they can try before they buy.
  • A developer is porting their new application to the Mac environment. RentaMac™™ provides the test machine.
  • A local movie company needs to send two executives to the States for final editing work. RentaMac™™ provides the MacBook Pros with carry bags.
  • A corporate has a timely announcement to make to audiences in 3 main centers simultaneously. A video intensive KeyNote presentation needs to be tested and then presented to audiences via MacBooks. RentaMac™™ provides.
  • Windows users are considering moving to the Mac platform but need to be assured that it is the right decision. RentaMac™™ provides the trial machine that convinces them.
  • A theatre company utilises digital multimedia in a production. Everything must work without hesitation and a backup machine must be provided just in case. RentaMac™™ provides the Mac Pro allowing 4 video outputs – and the backup machine which (being a Mac of course) is not needed.
  • A video editor finds renting a machine also keeps his accountant happy. Renting is pure expense and monthly billing aids the cash flow. No capital funds required nor asset to register and depreciate each year.
Apple Mac Rental Products


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Rental Process

At RentaMac™ we go out of our way to make the rental process easy and stress free for our customers. Check out our process here…

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